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Annual Meeting 2012 Report

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Annual Meetings


Annual Meeting of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries

June 21-22, 2012
Toronto, Ontario

(All texts were transcribed in their original language in PDF format)

Table of Contents

General Business Session (session taped and interpreted)

Luncheon 1
New Fellow Awards Ceremony, luncheon speaker Don Drummond

Luncheon 2
President’s Farewell Speech, Change of Office, Incoming President’s Address, Volunteer Awards CeremonyLuncheon Speaker: Doug Keeley

Session 2
CIA Strategic Updates (session taped) Track 1 & Track 2

Session 3
Predictive Modelling in Claims Management, Pricing and Reserving (session taped)

Session 4
External Actuarial Reviews (session taped)

Session 5
Derivatives and Managing Risk for Insurance Companies (session taped)

Session 6
A Conversation on Alternate Pension Solutions (session taped and interpreted)

Session 7
Lessons Learned from Insolvencies in the Canadian Property and Casualty Insurance Industry (session taped)

Session 8
Product Development in a Low-Interest-Rate Environment (session taped and interpreted)

Session 9
SOA Session—Managing Knowledge Workers: How Do You Best Manage Actuaries? (session taped)

Session 10
Large Amount Drug Pooling Mechanism and Cost Drivers (session taped)

Session 11
Living Benefit Products (session taped and interpreted)

Session 12
Financial Literacy and Actuaries (session taped and interpreted)

Session 13
Hot Topics in Risk Management (session taped) Session Full

Session 14
Catastrophe Modelling – 2012 and Beyond (session taped)

Session 15
Stochastic Volatility Models: Calibrating, Pricing, Hedging (session taped and interpreted)

Session 16
Litigation Against Actuaries, and Professional Liability Insurance (session taped)

Session 17
Group Insurance Debates: Three Topics (session taped and interpreted)

Session 18
Solvency II (session taped and interpreted)

Session 19
Pension Crisis: Lessons and Implications for Risk Management (session taped)

Session 20
How Different is Pensioner Mortality Experience in Canada? (session taped and interpreted)

Session 21
Chief Risk Officers’ Roundtable (session taped)

Session 22
IFRS – Phase II (session taped and interpreted)

Session 23
Committee on International Relations - Update (session taped)

Session 24
Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting (PPFRC) - Update (session taped and interpreted)

Session 25
Update on Climate Change Research (session taped)

Session 26
Committee on Workers’ Compensation - Update (session taped)

Session 27
CIA Retirement Risk Survey Update (session taped and interpreted)

Session 28
Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirements - Update (Session taped and interpreted)

Session 29
The SOA’s Greatest (Research) Hits (Session taped)

Session 30
Live Performance – The CIA Discipline Process (Session taped and interpreted)

Session 31
Actuaries in Non-traditional Roles (session taped and interpreted)

Session 32
International Perspectives: Biometrics/Technology and Multinational Pooling (session taped)

Session 33
Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting (CLIFR) - Update (session taped and interpreted)

Session 34
DC Plans: Comparing the Canadian and the U.S. Experience (session taped)

Session 35
What to Do When Models Don't Work (session taped)

Session 36
Securitization (session taped and interpreted)

Session 37
Applications of Forward Mortality Factor Models in Life Insurance Practice (session taped)

Session 38
Actuarial Standard Setting—Process, Roles, and Future Direction (session taped)

Session 39
Employee Life and Health Trusts: Features and Uses (session taped)

Session 40
Options and Hedges (session taped and interpreted)

Session 41
Game Changers: Hot Legal Issues in the Canadian Pension World (session taped and interpreted)

Session 43
The Non-traditional Actuary - Building a Full-time Practice that Includes Actuarial Evidence (session taped)

Session 44
Reinsurance Hot Topics (session taped and interpreted)

Session 45
Ethical Decision Making for Actuaries (session taped)

Session 46
The Future of Post-retirement Benefits (session taped and interpreted)

Session 47
CALM For Thoughts (session taped and interpreted)

Session 48
A Lifetime Retirement Saving Limit—Why Annual Pension and RRSP Limits Should be Replaced with A Lifetime Accumulation Allowance (session taped)

Session 49
Risk Management, Governance, and Assessment (session taped)

Session 50
Model Validation and The Regulatory Environment (session taped)

Session 51
Pricing Methodology in the 21st Century (session taped and interpreted)

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